Pets that haven’t been properly trained or leashed can pose a danger to themselves and the people around them, especially when they’re in public. Owners bear full responsibility for their animals and that includes damage inflicted by an attack, whether intentional or accidental. Medical bills can be costly and there is no reason a victim should be accountable for the costs associated with an animal attack.

It may seem like an innocent injury but when a person brings an animal that they know is dangerous out into public they put other’s lives at risk. The same animal bite injury that would be minuscule to a grown man could cause a severe head wound to a small child or a broken bone to an elderly person. The bacteria from an animal’s mouth can cause wounds to become infected if not immediately treated, and a bite to the face can require extensive reconstructive surgery. There is no reason that an innocent victim should pay for the medical bills from an animal attack caused by another person’s blatant disregard for the well-being of others.

Some Typical Animal Bite Injury Cases Our Law Firm Handles

  • Dog bites
  • Facial trauma from injuries
  • Hand and arm damage from injuries
  • Emotional trauma from injuries
  • Negligence in restraining animals
  • Other animal bites

Medical costs from an animal attack can continue for years after the original incident, which is why you will need an experienced animal bite injury attorney capable of fighting to get all of your medical costs covered — not one who will take the first settlement offered by an insurance company or opposing legal team. People should be held accountable for their actions, especially when those actions result in the injury of others. When dogs attack small children, it can sometimes end in the death of the child. In situations like this, an animal attack suit will be the last thing on any parent’s mind, which is why our experienced animal attack attorneys deal with every aspect of your suit.

We know that your recovery is more important than dealing with the stress of a dog bite or animal attack case. One call to our law firm today will get experienced dog bite lawyers started helping you right away.

Dog Bite Injuries

You might be hesitant to pursue a claim of personal injury against a friend or neighbor after a dog bite. What you may not know is that the negligent owner’s insurance will most likely cover the damage caused by the dog. And the injuries, both physical and mental, resulting from a dog bite are usually extensive, including scarring and infection. The victim is then left with medical bills and emotional trauma and stress due to a negligent dog owner.

Don’t become a victim of the serious injuries and emotional trauma caused by a dog attack. If you or someone you know has been bitten, attacked or mauled by a dog, contact our experienced animal bite lawyers today to discuss your options.

Our firm does not charge any up-front fees to represent you in your case. The attorneys at our firm represent each client on a contingency fee basis. This means that our fee is paid based on a percentage of the money we recover for you. Our consultations are free and we are proud to offer the option to bring our personal legal service to you. We use personal delivery services to get legal documents right to you no matter where you are.

If we do not receive an offer or a verdict on your case or recover any money for you, you will not be charged for any of the attorney’s time spent on your case.

In addition, the statute of limitations is defined as the time period in which a lawsuit must be filed and they typically differ by type of civil claim. In the state of Georgia, there is a two-year limit from the date of the incident for personal injury, fraud and medical malpractice claims. Other claims, such as personal property, trespassing and debt collection have a four-year limit.

If you do not file your lawsuit before the statute of limitations has expired the case will be dismissed and forever barred from being re-filed.

Animal Bite FAQs

What should I do if I have been bitten by an animal?

First, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Afterwards, document the injuries obtained by taking photographs, notes, and keeping track of your medical records. Lastly, speak with an experienced animal bite attorney to discuss next steps and set forth a plan to move forward.

What are the most common types of injuries?

Common injuries can include bites to the face, eyes and nose. Finger and neck injuries are also very common. Animal bites can cause puncture wounds, abrasions and lacerations. More serious attacks can cause broken bones and fractures and, oftentimes, these bites will lead to infection.

What damages can I recover after being bitten by an aggressive dog?

There are three types of damages that you may be able to recover after suffering from a dog bite. These include special, general and punitive damages. Special damages cover financial losses such as lost income. General damages compensate you for pain and suffering, etc. Punitive damages are intended to punish the dog’s owner.

After being badly scratched by a cat, can I seek compensation for my injuries from the owner?

Georgia’s dog bite law does not only cover dogs, but cats and other pets as well. As long as you are able to prove that the cat’s owner knew that it was dangerous, you should be able to obtain compensation for your injuries.

What breeds of dogs bite?

Any breed of dog is capable of biting you. However, some breeds are more prone to biting. These breeds include pitbulls, rottweilers, doberman pinschers, boxers, and many more. Dogs are more likely to bite if they are surprised, protecting their territory, provoked, or if they feel threatened.